My first blog post! I am so excited to be sharing my passion with everyone. I love makeup and beauty. I love to bring out the beauty that everyone has in them by using the power of makeup. I have been experimenting on my friends and learning as I go along. I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and get inspired by the colors and techniques they use. My favorite to watch is Carli Byble. I follow her on everything. She is just an inspiration to me as an artist. 

So here is a picture of my roommate. I did her makeup for an evening event she is going to tonight. She looked stunning with the purple eye and a peach lip and peach blush. She loved that I filled in her eyebrows. She said that it was a “game changer and loved what it added to the look.” She generally likes a simple look which is why I did not contour her face. This just proves that you do not need a ton of makeup to be beautiful. Sometimes all you need are the basics.