I have to admit that I get my beauty inspiration from the Kardashians. The one I look up to the most for fashion would have to be Kim. The one that motivates me to be the best me, makes me want to exercise and has the best advice EVER is of course Khole ( Just check out her app and you will see what I mean). and Kourtney makes me want to be healthy and go organic and green all the way.They have inspired my style and makeup choices for about three years now. Just some of the styles of clothes and the colors they prefer seem to look really good on me, because I have dark hair and tan skin like they do. I  mostly look for clothes in colors that complement my skin tone, and yes black is my happy color! I mostly look for colors like: black, white, dusty pink, blue, purple, gray, olive green, and I’m getting more into reds.The Kardashians may be my muse for fashion and beauty, but I am still my own person with my own of style.

Do not be afraid to seek your own muse in pop culture/fashion world. Having a muse made me try things I would not normally try. It also helped me discover myself all over again and made me realize who I wanted to be and do in the world. If self confidence isn’t an inspiration for life then I don’t know what is.