One of my sayings in life is ” you do you” do whatever makes You look good when it comes to makeup because everyone is different. It is very seldom when you meet someone who has your exact eyes, nose, cheek bones and the list goes on and on. When putting on makeup it is important to get to know yourself a little bit more.

Face Shape


This chart was helpful for me when I learned how to contour my face. I needed to see what kind of contour looked best with my face shape. I found out that I am a mixture of oval and round. They say that if you happen to have an oval shaped face, it is more ideal for makeup application.

In my opinion all of these face shapes are gorgeous. It all depends on how you chisel it out with your makeup brush and contour pallet. There are plenty of contour pallets out there that are at a good price and will last you for a long time. Since contouring is not going away any time soon, it would be a good investment if you like the look it gives your face. But what is contouring, and what does it do for you? Contouring helps make the shadows and light areas in your face (that you naturally have) more noticeable. Doing this gives you a nice chiseled look that makes your face look thinner and more youthful. I personally love contouring my face. you could do it every day or just on special occasions. You do you!