In my opinion the eyes are the most important part in makeup and the easiest to skrew up. They need special attention and need to be studied if you are wanting to execute it perfectly every time. It is important to understand yourself when it comes to makeup, especially the eyes. Just because your friend or your favorite celebrity can get away with dramatic eyes does not always mean you will be able to. I wanted to look exactly like my makeup idol Kim Kardashian, but I do not have her eye or face structure. So I play with what I have and look better doing that rather than trying to be someone that I’m not. Everyone is different and we are all beautiful! We need to know what works for us. Here is something that helps me see what I rock and what i don’t.

79a3f842055da6e620332984b98df9afĀ These are some of the different kinds of eyes a person can have. For me I have the almond shaped eyes.

4732819a37539d7882ac6d7d2b5bd6a9These colors are what make your beautiful eyes stand out more than other colors. Since I have dark brown eyes with a base town of red my eyes look great in greens, purples, golds, blacks, and browns. Since I have dark skin I love experimenting with dramatic looks. So I use the most dramatic colors. But if you are a lighter skin tone I would suggest to start out with lighter colors at first and then work your way up If desired. Makeup is all about experimenting with what you got. The idea is to make yourself look good and seek inspiration. If you wish to know more about your particular eye shape and color go on your Pinterest Ā account and they will give you better charts with more explanation. Or watch tutorials on YouTube (which is what I do).