Only one week till Christmas!!! How exciting to get dressed up for all the Holiday parties, Christmas and New Years and spending time with friends and family. I am dreaming of all the makeup Santa is going to put under the free for me this year, cause you know…. I’m a makeup geek. Lol!

So what happens when you have made a mistake on yourself or someone else’s makeup? If you do not know how to fix your mistakes things can go from bad to worse in seconds. The first step is admitting it: Yes, I mess up sometimes mostly on my eye shadow or eyeliner. The good news is practice makes perfect and with a little more knowledge on how to fix mistakes you are on your way to be a better artist yourself.

Fixing your Mistakes

Foundation isn’t gliding on well on your face or your face is a little scratchy and bumpy? Try Putting on a little moisturizer before your foundation. You will not believe the difference! I use a moisturizer from Nivea. It wasn’t very expensive and it works like a charm. Make sure you put a little on your fingers and rub it all over your face. You will see and feel a difference.

Always try to do your eyes first before everything!!! I cannot stress enough how important this step is. If you mess up and have fallout from your shadow or need to correct something it is 10x easier to correct it without your foundation or contour getting ruined in the process. When you correct your mistakes you can use makeup wipes or lotion. If i mess up on eyeliner or shadow I dip a q-tip in my cold cream and use it as an eraser to make lines sharper. Do what works for you.

Sometimes all you need is to blend it out. About like 80% of a makeup routine is blending it all out. So blend, blend, blend and blend some more.

These are some of my tricks for correcting mistakes. Leave a comment below so I can hear how well it worked for you. Maybe you can give me a few of your tips.