I am so excited to share this new Christmas look with you guys from my favorite YouTube makeup tutorialist Carli Bybel! She has come a long way from when she first started recording her videos. I love watching her because she is very good at what she does, ┬áshe is funny and real which is why I love watching her. She has helped me improve my makeup routine and dared me to try things I wouldn’t have normally tried myself until now. Another reason why I love her is because she is like a jack-of-all-trades like me. Not only does she have makeup tutorials, she also has hair tutorials, wellness tutorials, fashion tutorials, diet tutorials ect. She posts so much different things to reach more people, which is so smart. She seems to care a great deal about she fans. She has posted stuff where she tells you how she feels and what is going on in her life. You feel like one of her friends after watching that kind of a post.

Another amazing fact about Carli is that she has an amazing pallet out exclusively on BH Cosmetics.com. When the pallet was on sale it literally sold out in minutes. The highlighters in her pallet are so pigmented I believe it matches in value with the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters, and it is a lot cheaper and comes with eye shadow choices as well! Carli said that she wanted to choose BH above other makeup companies that are better known and more expensive because when she first started out the only makeup she could afford was BH. She wanted her first pallet to be affordable and be an ode to the makeup company that helped her get her  start. So if you are looking for someone to look to for inspiration Carli Bybel is the person to subscribe to on YouTube.


This is Carli Bybel doing one of her makeup tutorials. I picked this one because I thought it would be a good idea for a Christmas party look for the bold ones out there dying to try something different and exciting. The last post was all about the lips this one is all about the eyes. Enjoy! ­čÖé