So strobing is the new thing to do other than contouring. This process is very new to me. I have not tried it yet myself, but I am planning on it very soon. I am more familiar with contouring  even though strobing is less expensive and more natural looking.

What is strobing you may ask and how is it different from contouring . Strobing is using highlighter  and blush to help give definition and section off the face, which makes it look more natural and less makeup heavy. When strobing, the goal is to make the areas of your face that are naturally lighter when light hits it more noticeable. these areas are: cheek bones, brow bones, the bridge of your nose, forehead, cupids bow and chin. Then  use the blush (if you want to) to give the face more shape and to highlight the shadow areas under the cheek bones.

All you will need to accomplish this look is a highlighter, blush, and the appropriate makeup brushes to get the best results. I would use an angled blush brush and a fan highlighter brush.The best highlighters I have found to be very good to use are: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Bobbi Brown, and the one that I have and will use for myself is one by Becca. These highlighters are super pigmented. DO NOT get one that has a lot of glitter in it. ( like the Urban Decay highlighter) It will not do what you are wanting to accomplish with your look. You do not want to be a glitter monster you want to glow like…. an angel!