Hello everyone! I have had such a wonderful holiday and I am ready to get back to business. A new trend that has sprung up recently is doing your eyebrows. I was watching tutorials on YouTube and they kept saying that it makes such a difference and was worth it. After hearing that I thought ‘yeah right’ and then I saw commercials on TV introducing affordable products, you can find at Walgreens, to do your eyebrows. So I caved and bought one of the kits. After that I fell in love! I cannot do my makeup without doing my eyebrows now. For me it was like filling in all the blank spaces that needed to be filled in to make them look fuller and more complete.

At first I as terrified that I was going to ruin everything and get nothing right. But with a little practice and tutorial help it can be easily achieved in seconds. I need to remind you before you go out and buy a brow kit. There are different shades for people who have dark, medium, and light hair and eyebrows. You want to find the one that suits you. And another thing, If your eyebrows have long hairs (like mine does) you Need!!! to push them up with your finger or a clean mascara brush and cut them with little scissors. It does not work as well if you have long hairs to work with.

This tutorial is by leighannsays on YouTube. She is sooo hilarious and I personally enjoyed watching this tutorial! I even subscribed to her cause I enjoyed her humor that much!!!