I love my hair and try to take very good care of it. I worry about my hair so much that I even have nightmares of people coming and chopping it off. I believe taking care of yourself is important and it will reward you in the long run when you get older. I want to share with you my hair secrets that no one else knows, because I honestly want to tell the world what works for me because I am very proud of my results and want to help others achieve their beautiful hair dreams.

Secret 1: The Right Shampoo

I only use organic natural shampoos with no harmful pathogens and stuff in it. Some of the chemicals that shampoos have in them are very harmful and are said to be linked to cancer. That is why I use OGX shampoos or something that is natural. Do not always trust labels that say they are all natural. It is good to read the ingredients and check for yourself. You would be surprised how many soap, shampoo, and body wash items are bad for your skin and body. A lot of the top name brands like Pantene, Gardnier, and Bath and Body Works stuff all have these harmful chemicals in them just to name a few. Be mindful of what you put in your body.


Secret 2: Dry Hair Oils

I am in love with my hair oils. Since I have long thick hair it likes to tangle up when I get out of the shower and make a mess. When I use my Black Seed Dry Oil from Kardashian Beauty all the mess goes away. I love this product but it is very expensive. If you want a hair oil that is less expensive I would go with a Moroccan or Aragan oil from Walgreens, Amazon, or Sally’s. I have to put some in my hair every morning. I know what you are thinking ” But what if it makes my hair oily!” I thought the same thing when I first tried it. It does not make your hair oily. Just use a small amount on your fingers rub together and scrunch in hair from midway to bottom. Do not put the product on the roots. It is not where this product needs to be and it will make your hair look oily if you put to much.

Secret 3: Hair Masks

I use a hair mask once every month. I LOVE what it does to my hair! It’s like it takes all the bad away and leaves your hair feeling soft and just new again. (make sure to put some dry oil after your hair mask to make it extra silky). You have to get one that makes you leave it in for a little while. I have to leave mine in for about 15 min. when I do mine and what a difference it makes. I found mine on Amazon and love it! It’s a chocolate mask for moisturizing and is simply amazing! Plus is smells like a chocolate dessert.

Secret 4: Hair Tools

Straightening and curling hair is very taxing on hair. I do not curl or straighten my hair very much. I just do not have time for it and I have so much hair it takes me an hour to curl all of it. But if you do curl and straighten your hair remember to always use protection spray.

Secret 5: Vitamins 

I take Biotin every morning for my hair,skin, and nails. To make my hair and nails grow faster.

Secret 6: Shampooing

I like to shampoo my hair every day. If I don’t I feel dirty and greasy. I also have bangs, and it they are oily it makes my face break out and that is not a pretty sight. But if it does not bother you go ahead and skip a day or two. It is actually healthy for your hair to do this. It is also better to curl or put up your hair if it is dirty.