I am so glad that I have found this passion for makeup. I feel like it has been rubbing off on so many people I come in contact with, like family and friends. Ever since I was little I have ALWAYS had a desire for the finer things in life, even though I come from a humble family. I have definitely been blessed with the things I have. When I found this passion of mine of course I wanted the best of the best stuff. Mostly the best of the best comes with an expensive price. That was when I learned that there are some Ā things you do not have to get very expensive. I mostly get most of my stuff from Walgreens, which has a marvelous beauty selection. I also like Targets beauty selections as well. There are beauty products you can buy at a drug store that is just the same or even better than the big named products.


Drugstores have some of the best mascaras, all you need to know is how you want your eyelashes to look and what would be the best brush for that look. My favorite one is the L’Oreal Million lashes. Jennifer Lopez endorses for that brand of mascara. It is a very good brush! It defines and coats lashes to perfection.


I have found the perfect concealer at Walgreens that I see makeup YouTubers use all the time. Its the age rewind concealer with the big brush head. I just bought and used it yesterday and I loved the coverage it gave me, it’s nice and thick and I just love it! Remember when picking out concealer to always pick one that is at least 2-3 shades lighter than your actual skin tone.


There are tons of lipsticks available for you to choose at the drugstore. Go with what will give you the best look. There are lots of commercials for the lipsticks that these stores carry. If you are looking for whats hot read Cosmopolitan, they have the ads in their magazines and you can normally find these products at Walgreens or a drugstore you trust.

BB Cream

When I don’t want to go full glam I will just put on BB cream. The one I use is the one with the purple lid and I use the shade in medium. It blends in with my skin tone and makes me look a little darker. I would not recommend wearing it in a photo shoot. the coverage is not so great and some of your imperfections can be scene. But for not big deal days it is perfect.


So many eye liners to choose from with so little time, and they all do something different. It is all about what you are comfortable with and what you are willing to try. I like the waterproof black mechanical pencils. they are easy to use and it will stay better on your eyes.


any Milani products are AMAZING! If if can get it in Milani I will! I have two of their blushes and am in love! Everything is so pigmented and perfect.