Everyone needs time out of their busy lives to take time for themselves. I recently took a relaxation day for myself and loved it so much I am going to do it again very soon. Here is how I did it.

First I started my morning doing an hour of yoga. I have a yoga DVD that I do when I want to get some yoga in. I find it to be relaxing but you also get a nice workout out of it. After that I eat a nice healthy breakfast a parfait with fruit and granola with water to drink and a pastry. Then I took a nice long shower. I wanted to feel fresh and do things I had not done in a while. I washed up and scrubbed myself with my organic sugar scrub to get off all the dead skin, while the oil moisturized. Then I did a hair and a face mask since they both called for the same wait time I did them together. My face mask was a green clay mask and the hair mask was a chocolate mocha mask that moisturized as well. I relaxed and closed my eyes for 15 minutes and washed everything off. I had scheduled a massage that day. It was a 1 hour hot stone massage! my absolute favorite massage ever. For the first time I actually went to sleep during the massage, It was glorious! I was so relaxed I just let everything go. After the massage I wanted a good lunch/dinner. I went to Panera to eat. I got soup, a sandwich an apple, and my favorite green tea. ( I also got a free pastry item and saved it for breakfast the next day). After that I went home and watched movies for the night. I loved my day to myself, I really needed it and felt great after everything.

If you liked this post please comment below and tell me what you do to unwind.