Hello everyone happy to be writing more now! So I recently just ordered the Anastasia Beverly Hills illuminating highlighter in Peach Nectar that I have been hearing all the craze bout for months now. So I finally got it to try it out and I was very disappointed! I was expecting a nice light peachy shine on my cheekbones and that was not what I got from this product. The illuminating highlighter worked more of a blush on me. It had a rich medium peach color but not the shine I was looking for. I wanted a white shine on my cheeks not what looked like another blush. I still do not want to give up on this brand though. I have seen its magic on my Instagram and YouTube channels. They absolutely swear by this stuff. Plus it was just too expensive to keep when it did not do for me what I had hoped. There are other colors that I would be up to trying just to get a second opinion. But that is where I stand on this product.