I am one of those lucky granddaughters that got to learn all her grandmother knew when it came to cosmetology, so painting nails was no acception. I learned at a very young age to paint my nails correctly and have a huge tub full of polish to practice with. I only go to the salon to get a pedicure but never a manicure. The reason being…. I can honestly do it better myself. I don’t miss gaps on the edges of my nails when I paint my own. And the paint seems to come off even faster on fingernails than toenails. So why waste $$?

When I buy my nail paint I always go to one store Sally’s! I love their selection of nail paint. It is expensive but it is good quality and will last longer than the cheap stuff. Plus if you get a membership card worth only $5.00 you get MAJOR discounts on your purchases especially nail paint. I save 50% when I use it!

The brands that I swear by are:

OPI, ORLY, and Finger Paints ( the finger paints brand can leave stains on your nails depending on which colors you get. But it will come off… Eventually. Usually after painting over it with another color and after you take that one off its usually gone). I have never had that problem with the other two.