I love a good party. Hanging out with friends and eating amazing food is something I enjoy, good times and memories! So am I into football?… Not really lol but I love a man who does so I have to somehow like it to. Lol 

My question is what is a fashionable girl to do when it comes to a Super Bowl party? I have got the answers for you right here!

Clothing: you want to be comfortable, but of course stylish right? My fix for that would be to wear maybe some leggings with a long shirt. You can try to match up with the team your rooting for or something that says ” I’m here and looking cute”

Makeup: Since you are going to a Super Bowl party where men are the majority of guests attending,there really isn’t a need to go full glam. You will look over dressed you will stand out…( Not in a good way). So go light and natural.