Hello Everyone! So there is this new makeup coverage technique that I keep seeing all over my Instagram and You Tube. It’s called color correcting and it looks pretty cool. I have seen people go very crazy with it and basically paint their entire face to make it look like a clown or sugar skull (which looked so weird and pretty intimidating). But I have for you a tutorial on the color correcting that is a normal less intimidating way of doing it.

What is Color Correcting??

Color correcting is like putting a color concealer on top or your blemishes, under eye circles, and dark circles. There is a certain color to put on a certain imperfection. People put green around their nose where it is dark and a little red, the orange goes on those dark circles, and yellow goes on redness and blemishes. These colors are blended out like a concealer to help cancel out the natural colors you do not want showing on your face.

This tutorial is by Kalei Lagunero

If this tutorial was helpful wonderful! For those of you who need a better explanation please leave a comment for me and I will find one with a bit more information. I also want to know if you would add this to your regular makeup routine. Is it worth it or not??