Hello Lovelies! I want to talk about this product from NYX that I find very helpful when I want my shadows to show up better. Especially if they are very light. It’s called the NYX jumbo eye pencil. I like to use the one in the color milk and also the one in black. They have worked wonders for me to help my shadows ( that I spend a lot of money on) to look their best on my eyes.

Your possibilities are endless when using the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils

Step 1: dab a little bit of the NYX product on your eyelid at your desired area. Do not use too much or because it will crease.

Step 2: blend it out with your finger

Step 3: put on desired eyeshadow

Step 4: be amazed at how much the color shows up compared to not using NYX jumbo shadow pencil!!!