Hello everyone! So glad to be writing on this blah day where I’m from. I want to share with you today, how I wash my face at night. I have oily skin so this may not work for people who have naturally dry skin. 

1. I will take all of my makeup off using the Ponds cold cream. This stuff is amazing. Not only does it take the makeup off my face but it also moisturizes it as well. I bought this because the face cleaners are soooo expensive and I would run out of products frequently. But with the Ponds cold cream in lasts for several months. 

2. I then exfoliate my face by using my Garnier Invigorating daily scrub to open up my pores to allow for other important products to do its job better on my face. 

3. I put on this Olay regenerating cream cleanser. This stuff is like a gift from the gods! I love how it feels on my face and I can feel it working its magic. My face feels fantastic after I rinse it off

4. Last but not least I sprits on some Moroccan rose water to tone and tighten my face! Love this stuff and it smells amazing. 

I do not do this every night but I try to clean my face every night from the day.