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Hello everyone! I have been obsessed with my hair lately! The newest and hottest way to wear your hair this spring and summer is short and wavy, which I am wanting to try. I am not sure if I am going to cut my hair short or not cause it has been YEARS since I have cut my hair very short. We shall see what I do when spring and summer get here. Have you ever wanted to change your hair because you have not changed it in forever, but afraid you are going to ruin it… I am there every spring and fall. lol

So I found a great hair tutorial on how to get gorgeous beach waves for long hair. But you can totally use this tutorial if you are thinking about going shorter this summer. Like me…. maybe. But if this is not helpful and you would like to see a tutorial for shorter hair please comment below. also I would love your thoughts on this new summery look. Do you like or do not like? Would you try this on your own hair or is it too high maintenance?

This tutorial is by Tone It Up.