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Hello everyone! I want to tell you about this product I found that gets rid of pimples fast. And Kylie Jenner absolutely swears by it! It’s called Mario Badescu’s drying lotion. The price? $17.00

This product contains

  • “It contains salicylic acid and sulfur, both of which are antibacterial and help minimize the size of pimples,” she says. “It also contains calamine, which is classically used as a calming and soothing topical treatment. The combination does induce faster resolution of pimples and is a pretty good option for people looking to treat that pesky pimple that popped up at the wrong time—AKA every pimple ever.”

    How to apply:

    – I would apply at night or when you are not going out in public any time soon…. So night time. And stick a Qtip into the UNSHAKEN bottle and get the product from the very bottom. Then apply to the pimples/ pimple invading your face.

    But if you decide that price is a little steep Neutrogena’s On the Spot Acne Treatment is a good product to use as well and is only $7.00