Hello Lovelies! I always thought what made a true fashionable person was someone who tried to fit in but also stand out in a place that might be out of their normal comfort zones. Like for example: bonfires, Comic Con, camping, a tailgating party… The list goes on.

I am going with my boyfriend and some friends to see the new Batman vs. Superman movie. This is going to be an event for us. We will go get a nice dinner, hang out, and go to the movies. This an event that deserves a well thought out outfit to go with the occasion. I have already decided to wear black. Why:

1. It goes with the theme (batman)

2. I love to wear black

3. My boyfriend thinks I’m sexy when I wear black

I have two outfits in mind. A black sexy mesh dress or black leather pants and a batman shirt. (Cause we want to match)

The makeup will of course be dark either black or purple or maybe both. 

First you need to know what you are getting yourself into. The first things I usually think about what shoes are good for the event. I then plan my outfit from there. 

Most important is research. Think of ads, movies, or pictures you have seen where the person looked good where ever they were and try to kindof go with an inspiration. Soon you will be looking like you just walked out of a magazine. It may not be exactly who you are as a person, but I like being versatile, fit in, and look cool doing it.