EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT: Beauty blenders are slowly rotting inside

That has been the latest breaking news about makeup. People have been slicing their blenders in half and found that they have been decaying inside. But there is a way to fix that

But if you swear by a sponge for your foundation, don’t freak—sponges (which can safely be re-used for up to three months) shouldn’t retain ancient makeup when cleaned properly. That doesn’t include using face wash or shampoo, as was the case with some of the soiled sponges you see above. The recommended method is to wash your sponge each time you use it with a cleanser specifically intended for this purpose, like the Blendercleanser. Yes, it’s probably pricier than your shampoo, but you’ll buy peace of mind knowing that nothing creepy’s lurking below the surface of your sponge. “You can use either the bar or liquid formula—it really does get all the foundation and makeup out,” celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh assures us, noting that yes, the inside of a makeup sponge should remain spotless. And while fossilized foundation probably poses little risk other than making you slightly nauseous at the sight of it, its presence could indicate that you’re also doing a sub-par job of rinsing away more harmful things. “You want a clean sponge at all times, because otherwise it can harbor bacteria and moisture, which can cause breakouts,” Quynh notes.
We understand, however, that not everyone is the type to meticulously cleanse that sponge every single time. So here’s a way to deep-clean when you’ve fallen a tad behind schedule. “First soak your sponge in a soapy solution to loosen and break up makeup,” says celebrity makeup artist Kathy Jeung. “Squish the solution through, then spot-clean, rinse throughly, and air dry.” Meanwhile, she uses a time-saving (and hands-saving) makeup-artist hack that lazier types can totally steal, by having a few sponges in rotation at once. “I put my sponges in net lingerie bags and put them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with an extra rinse cycle,” she says. “Add some Beautyblender cleansing solution and Meyers laundry detergent, and voila—throughly clean sponges!” Collecting several sponges in the bag and tossing in at the end of a week? That’s a regimen anybody can handle.