Hey everyone! I have to say that I am all about the Boho Chic this summer. I love the breezy looks and colors that go with it. the tans, the blues, the corals, the browns, the greens all the earthy tones I am loving it all. And of course the Boho look would not be complete without the hair. The messy but totally cool looking hair that is either wavy or curly. The look is so cool and casual looking. I think a good look to take to the beach or to a chill outing with friends. I feel like the Boho look is part outfit part hair. You need both to pull the look off completely. And… Lets not forget the makeup. As you can imagine the makeup is super easy. Go with a lot of neutrals and earthy tones. The makeup is meant to be simple and lets your style do all the talking.

Here is a makeup and hair tutorial from my favorite girl on YouTube. Carlie Bybel

What are your Summer time go tos this year?

Are you feeling my Boho Vibe? lol let me know.