Hey everyone! I am so happy to be posting today. I have noticed that not one makeup routine is the same when I go on YouTube to watch how they do their stuff is very different from how I do mine. I will get inspiration from others but this is what I have stuck to doing for the past few months

The Routine

  • First I either put primer and/or lotion on my face to prep it
  • Next depending on my shadow scheme I will either put my foundation on or start on my eyes. But I will not put eyeliner on the lower lashes until later. I will put primer before I start on my eyes. I am spending a lot of money on makeup, so I need it to look great all day and not crease or disappear. 
  • After foundation I will start concealing my chin, nose and forehead, and under eyes
  • Then I put setting powder from my Anastasia Beverly Hills pallet
  • After that I contour my face with the brown colors.
  • Then I either put blush or hilighter. I don’t really like to put both on because I think it’s just too much competition. Rarely I will, but don’t like to.
  • The next steps go in a particular order: I then but on bottom eyeliner, then curl lashes, mascara, then I fill in my eyebrows. The reason why it is in this order is because of the setting spray. If I do my mascara then set my face the mascara will get on under eyes and we cannot have that!!! It is hard to get off and you never truely get it off when you do. 
  • I am this weird person that does not like to wear lipstick. But when I do this would be the time I put it on
  • Last but not least I set my face with setting spray!