Being a makeup artist makes you want to experiment with your technique and the products you spend a lot of money on every chance you get. That includes trying out these colorful inspirations at work. Every makeup artist knows that there is a time and place for certain makeup looks Day vs. Night. But the thing is, I don’t go out ever at night. I live in a small town in Tennessee. What is there to do here? Plus with my job I work a lot and need to be up early in the morning so I need to get my much needed rest every week day. ( I know, I am boring)

How to look professional but fashionable at work

I love doing a winged liner with a neutral eye! I sometimes put a pop of cranberry on the outer corner of my eyes. To keep things interesting!

I like to work with earthy tones but jazz it up with a purple or turquoise liner. nothing too crazy. We don’t want to scare people.

like to wear a little sparkle on my eyes on occasion. I use my Too Faced pallet to add a little neutral color with sparkle. We all need excuse to shine every once in a while, especially at work.

I may push the boundaries a little sometimes but as an artist I think it is just part of who I am. To show my best self and abilities. I have been wanting to watch tutorials on YouTube and this video just gave me inspiration to write tonight. A tutorial by Jaclyn Hill. This is a good work look to pull off in the day time and looking fabulous!