Hello everyone! Its finally summer. I have to admit that summer is one of my favorite times of the year. The heat does not tend to bother me like it does most people.

During the summer makeup routines seem to change a bit. I cant think of anything worse than putting on what seems like a pound of makeup on my face and go out in the sun and feel it move and melt off. It is not a wonderful feeling… Lucky for you, I found a tutorial that shows some very good summer products to use that will be beneficial for that summer look we are all trying to achieve.

My favorite product that Zabrina shares with us is the last one she mentions. It is sort of a lip gloss that is formulated to bring out the natural color of your lips with a glossy finish. the product is by Smashbox and is called O-Gloss. I may try and find this at Sephora because it seems very cool and something I would like because I am not big on lipstick.