If you are getting married soon in this hot summery time Congratulations! If you in a wedding or simply going to one you can uses these makeup tips to look your best at this celebration on love.

This video is from Zabrena. In this tutorial she introduces some excellent makeup tips and brands to use on your special day. I know that weddings are supper expensive. I know on my special day I would want the makeup that is going to get the job done and last until it is officially over. That means stopping by Sephora and picking up the best of the best stuff they have for your special day including the best brands like Giorgio Armani foundation, (which I have heard form many sources that it is the best foundation in the world! It should be for $50.00  a bottle) Chanel… anything, M.A.C., Urban Decay and much much more. Zabrena introduces other brands that I actually have not heard of she says works like a charm. I wouldn’t mind giving these products a try, especially the last product she reviewed that helps your makeup stay in place without baking!!!