Do you struggle creating your perfect cat eye? Do you find that your lined eyes just don’t match each other? Well struggle no longer my friends because Beauty Blender has come to the rescue by inventing the Liner Designer!

It looks like a little guitar pick, but if you look closely you can see that the edges are slightly curved so you can create your wing with ease instead of guessing and hoping for the best… ( which is mostly what I do… until I get this amazing product!). This could save so much time and I will know that it is going to turn out how I want it to in the end. I have to admit that I struggle with my liner due to how my eye shape. Sometime I got it and others one side is pointing up and the other is pointing straight. lol very weird!!! So this would be very beneficial to me andĀ would personally help meĀ out a lot!

I have to know…

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This tutorial is from Zabrena