Hey everyone! You guys know how much I love this girl! I am so excited about her fashion line with Missguided. I love almost everything in this collection. In the video below she says that the line is for all seasons. You don’t have to just wear this line for summer only. it will transition to fall. She said that this fall is all about suede and satin stuff and I could not agree more.

This collection is Very sexy and stuff you would not wear every day. It is something to wear out on an event day or a date. This collection is full of mesh, cutouts, silky material that looks like night wear ( which I love!), crop tops, body suits, mini dresses. The color scheme is pretty mutual. The colors include: whites, light gray, rose gold, mint, salmon, green and light blue.

This girl is such a sweetheart! She is all about affordable things for her friends to buy of hers. She tried to make this line as affordable as possible, which a majority I believe is affordable considering what you get. Other stuff is pretty pricey, but that stuff is mostly the dresses.

You have to view this collection! I absolutely love what she is doing and the clothes she designs are gorgeous. I have to say I normally would not buy some of the clothes she has on her line because of the way my body shape is. She has a fantastically fit body, and created a fashion line that she knows complements her body type . Which is great! I think I could wear some of the clothes in her line and feel comfortable in, but I would have to, of course, try it on and see for myself. She is still an amazing person and inspires me every day!!!