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Hey everyone! I must tell you about this amazing product from Garnier. I am very happy with them right now because they are making changes for the better and for the future. They have added some really nice new products to their skin care line including what I am mentioning today. 

This stuff is absolutely amazing! I was at Walgreens ( the place I go for these kinds of things) and she cashier gave me this sample/ coupon to try out. 

I ripped open the sample and put a little on my fingertips and rubbed my hands together. I noticed the most beatlitiful smell coming from this moisturizer! So then I put it on my face. The first thought I was was this is going to be thick and hard to lather into my face. BUT NO! it glided on like butter. I thought it would make my face feel funny and that wet oily feeling. BUT NO! It dried up real nicely and making my face feel smooth. 

From this experience I will be using my coupon for $2.00 off when I go back!