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Hello ladies! Not too many people know this but I am starting to have this obsession over body scrubs. I have been getting all my goodies at Ulta. My latest discovery was the British Rose exfoliant shower gel. And I have to say I was pretty disappointed! 😟 

Why I did not like it 

  • It did have some rough beads but they did not exfoliate anything.
  • It says it is a scrub but wasn’t. It was mostly a gel
  • It smelled great, but the scent did not last after the shower when I would have liked for it too
  • I payed $24.00 for this exfoliant gel that did not exfoliate

What I liked about it

  • The packaging was cool. I liked the black mat look it had with the pretty rose on the lid
  • It was made from real British roses

I like the Tree Hut scrubs much better because they exfoliate, they smell good, the sent lasts on your body, and they are $7.00. 

I am willing to give the Body Shop products a second chance and get an actual scrub that exfoliates. 😊