Hey everyone! I love going bold with my makeup and I feel like Nikkie challenges me whenever she goes all out. I want to create her mermaid look and other crazy looks and just go out and wear it in town and have people stare at me.

This mermaid look is pretty crazy!!! I have to admit that if I was doing a makeup tutorial on a mermaid look I would not have originally gone with the same colors as she did. I would have made it more my own with greens and blues. Regardless of what I would do she did a great job with this look!

In this tutorial she actually found a new fun way to put on highlighter. It was like BOOM! pigment/sparkle!!! What she did was applied her highlighter with a damp beauty blender. I saw the outcome and I was so amazed. I am going to be trying it the next time I put my face on!


  1. Would you actually want to experiment on this look… not on Halloween, but on an regular day?
  2.  What other looks would you want to be expressive about?