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Hey everyone! I want to write something close to my heart. 

I am a woman of two races. Lol I have a Mexican father and an American mother! I am a Chicana, and I love it. 💙

When I was growing up I remembered falling in love with Selena. Her songs and the movie that came out. She represented  something so big and so important to me and to the world. It’s ok to love who you are and where you come from, even when you may not fit the mold of society. 

I am so glad that MAC understands the importance of creating a line for Latina women. We are actually 3x more likely to buy makeup products than any other race. And I believe it! We are CRAZY about makeup! 

I am so glad there are more Latina women as celebrities. These are women I can look up to for fashion and makeup advice. I can look up to women who look like me with naturally tan skin, curves and thick dark hair. I believe everyone needs people to look up to, so why not look up to your own people?