Hey everyone! If you love makeup just as much as I do, than you know the tedious work of having to wash your makeup brushes. It takes time, energy, and makes your hands wrinkly. I am not a big fan of that! Until I discovered Lilumia

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This device holds your brushes and cleans them for you magically!

This is a tutorial I found of YouTube explaining how it works and a shared opinion of it. The girl that tested it out said that she loved it. It got her brushes clean and the process was cool to watch.It is very easy to set up, but make sure you read the directions of course! The Lilumia only took 15 min. to was the brushes which I think is pretty cool!!!

As I watched the review I think that the brushes could have been cleaned better. I like my brushes to come out white and not stained brown still. Over all I think this is pretty cool. I actually may get one in the future.

Click Here To check out the website for yourself!