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Hey everyone! So I have to tell you guys about this crazy trend that beauty vloggers are doing. It’s soaping your brow… pretty much.

It is actually an old Hollywood trick that they are bringing back. Instead of using brow gel you use soap. Just get a spooly and get it in the soap. Then start brushing your eyebrows up and over. ( making them look bigger and bushier than they really are). After that fill in with the brow wiz from ABH. They say it works better than any brow gel out there. The soap helps it stay put for hours, maybe even days….

I would actually be willing to try this myself. Why you may ask? Because it is affordable. Its a cool beauty hack and I believe almost everything is worth trying once.


The tutorial is by Pixiwoo



Would you actually use this instead of the expensive eyebrow gel?

If you have heard of this and used it, does it actually work?