Hey Lovelies! So I have noticed a crazy amount of love for freckles lately. More like an obsession… people that do not naturally have freckles around their nose and under eye area are finding ways to put freckles on themselves. From making little splattery dots with eye liner to actually buying freckle tattoos. 

Exhibit A

I don’t understand this because all the people that have freckles complain they have freckles. They mostly say “oh I wish I had clear normal people skin” 

I have what is called little sun spots ( or sun kisses as I like to call them) and they seem to come out in the summer time where there is more sun hitting my face. And I love them 😍. They make me who I am and I don’t try to hide it.

I guess what I want to say after all this is, love yourself and what you were born with. You are an original! I can see the fun in stepping into someone else’s shoes sometimes and mixing up a look and trying new things. Don’t forget how beautiful and special you are, freckles or no freckles. Lol 💙