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Hey Lovlies! So my last post was about my love/hate relationship with my Beauty Blender. Today I think I may have a solution! I was watching the newest You Tube Video by Carli Bybel and I was amazed at how she applied her foundation and concealer. She applied it with herĀ fingers!

In this video she talks about this new way of applying her foundation and concealer. She used her fingers to smooth out the foundation and used patting motions for the concealer. I have to say that this morning, before I watched this video, I applied my concealer with my fingers using a patting motion and it turned out fabulous! I couldn’t ask for better coverage! in the video she uses a Beauty Blender to help blend in the foundation a little more smoothly and that was it.

Using the Beauty Blender this way helps it from deteriorating faster.

You guys be the judge, does her face look good?

Would you try this method?

Does it work for you?