Hey everyone! these past few weeks I have really been taking care of myself. I have been investing in products that make me feel my very best and that are good for me. I recently bought a Dead Sea mud mask off of Amazon about a month ago.

I do this mask once a week because this is powerful stuff and I don’t want to over do it. Plus it is a little pricy and I want to make it last. When I do the mask I make it into a relaxing ritual. First I open the jar and smooth the mask all over my face (avoiding my eyes, hair and mouth) with my hands. The mask is a beautiful blueish grey and as I┬árub it onto my skin I notice it has a wonderful feel to it. It does not feel cold, but cool and soothing. Then I relax on my bed or couch and have my Echo┬áDot play┬áSpa music to relax me. I have 20 minutes to┬ámyself, so I daydream and contemplate little things in my head. I hear exotic┬ámusic and the sound of water trickling down into a pool of beautiful lotus flowers. It is almost hypnotizing.┬á┬áI am┬ágracefully reminded┬áthat┬ámy 2o minutes are up and it is time to wash off the mask. I feel my face after the mask is all off and its like touching silk, it feels so soft. I look forward to┬ámy mask┬ádays.

Mask Benefits >click the link to read about the health benefits of Dead Sea Mud Masks