Hello everyone! I have been watching YouTube and so many people have been trying out this new Korean beauty trend called Jamsu (meaning: to submerge or dive). So if you have never heard of this it is where you have your full face of makeup on and you heavily powder your face with baby powder and them submerge your entire face in ice cold water for about 3 min.

Zabrena tried out this trend for herself and she was impressed with her face by the end of the day. Her face still looked matte and beautiful. If you have never watched her before you wouldn’t know how big of a deal this is for her. She lives in Florida and has pretty oily skin. In this video she even went to a cardio class and her face still looked flawless.

Is it something worth trying? Let me know what you think and comment

P.S. if you are planning on trying this out Zabrena recommends you do it naked… for obvious reasons. lol