Hey everyone! I am so happy to be finally blogging today! Work has been crazy but I am learning a lot and having a good time.

For those of you who know, I work for Lancôme. But I work closely with the Clinique Counter and Estee Lauder. If they have good products that I love I want to share them with you guys even though they are my competition…. so is everyone in the cosmetic and skincare industry. anyways…

I saw that they had this sonic brush and really wanted to try it, to really get deep into my pores and cleanse my face. I was beyond excited to use it when I got home from work. I had my full face of makeup on and had washed all of it off with my Bi-facils makeup remover ( that gets off waterproof makeup, stains on the floor and clothing). Then it was time to cleanse. I put the facial soap on the brush, turned it on and brushed my face with it. I COULD NOT BELIEVE the extra makeup and dirt it got out of my skin! I was super impressed with the sonic brush I want to get it for my boyfriend for Christmas!


  • This brush is $80. But they have deals where they are half off. Just look for the deals. Or get a card from the department store you can save 20% on the brush as well. Or wait till you have a lot of reward dollars saved up.


  • The brush is electric. It comes with a charging stand to set it on.



In my personal opinion this brush is worth having. You have a clean smooth face at the end, complements on your complexion, and less skin problems.