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If you are like me skincare is pretty new to you. Yes you grow up hearing some stuff here and there about it but you don’t actually do anything about it… until you work for a cosmetic company that specializes in skincare, fragrance, and makeup. I have learned so much about skincare, that now my mornings and nights do not feel complete until I do my skincare routine.

Moisturizers are for EVERYONE

Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin all can benefit from a good moisturizer. Take me for example. I have normal to combination skin which means that I am dry in some areas and also oily in others. I said to myself ‘I don’t need a moisturizer for my skin I am oily and it will just make me even more oily.’ WRONG!!!! My morning and night moisturizers helped balance my skin. I am not oily anymore and my dry forehead is not dry. It now has the perfect balance.

Pick the Right Moisturizer for You

If you are pretty oily and it is summer time you Do Not need to go for a heavy moisturizer. Ask your beauty advisor for a perfect match for you. I would suggest a light moisturizer or even a gel mask for night time.

For my dry people, you are going to need a medium to heavy moisturizer and might have to go heavier during the winter.

Combination skin: light to medium in the summer and go a little heavier in the winter for the places you get dried out the most.

Mulit-Beneifical Moisturizers

Get one with an SPF to protect from the harmful sun rays this summer! If aging is a concern for you get one with anti-aging properties in it. There are so many options to choose from, what will you choose?