My Clients

Kayla Whitehurst

A few months ago I could have told you little to nothing about makeup. However, after getting to know Kaitlyn, she has really inspired me to learn more about the beauty and art behind it. Her passion and creativity in this area has encouraged me to research different products, and I have discovered how to better take care of myself. Not only has she given me tips for this, but she has been kind enough to do several different looks/makeovers on me, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. It is amazing how confident and beautiful makeup can help a person feel. I do not wear makeup for, but I wear it for me. It really is a way to express oneself and simply enhance the beauty that God has given each of us. Does everyone need makeup? No. For those that do like it, I would encourage you to continue learning and experimenting.

Each time Kaitlyn has done my makeup, she has worked to find the balance of what looks good and suites me, as well as what I feel comfortable wearing. I prefer a more subtle look rather than a bold one and she has accommodated this. It is exciting whenever she does my makeup and to wait to see how I look when she is completely finished. You can truly see the passion behind her skill. She loves being able to help me feel better about the way I look.

Thank you Kaitlyn for taking the time to teach me, and help me feel more confident about myself. You are very talented and quite the makeup artist.


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