Lancôme Rose Highlighter


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No one really knows this about me, but I work at a retail job at Belk. If you live up north and in the west you probably haven’t really heard of Belk. Its like Macey’s its a high end store like that. We sell Lancôme and I am hopefully about to be trained to do the makeup for Lancôme.


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The new rose highlighter is sculpted into a beautiful rose! I hope that I will be working with this. I almost wouldn’t want to work with it because it is so beautiful!

If you want to get your hands on this rose highlighter go to the nearest place near you that sells Lancôme or go online!


Dreams coming True! 

Hello everyone! I have exciting news to tell. I have just recently accepted to work for Lancôme at the department store I have been working in over the holidays. I am very excited to be starting something new! I have grown a passion for makeup for about 2 years now and when I finally got out of college I wanted to do something with it in a career. I hope to go far in this industry and prove my worth.

I also have to thank God for always being there for me and having my back when I have lost hope in myself. I know I am on a good path and I am going to do great things! 

I think I might be blogging about the skin care and makeup Lancôme provides because I believe in it 100% and I want the younger generation to know more about Lancome and try out the products for themselves as well. People seem to believe it is only for the middle aged women but it’s not! It helps you take better of your skin, so you won’t have as many problems with it later on in life. 

Sexy looks for this Valentines Day


Hey everyone! I cannot believe that Valentines day is just around the corner! I am so excited about all the boxes of chocolates I’m going to devour! Yummmmm!!!! The second best think about Valentines day is of course looking hot for your significant other. So I have found two makeup tutorials for you guys to gather inspiration from!


This tutorial is by Jaclyn Hill. I love the simplicity of this look. It says ” I look sexy without even trying” It almost looks like Old Hollywood glam but without all the dark colors that typically go into that look.


this tutorial is by Nikki.

If you and your loved one…. or friends are doing to see this movie for your Valentines date look no further than this tutorial right here. it has everything you could possibly have to go on your date to see this movie…. Gray and silver magicness!!! I am in love with this beautiful look she did! I may even try it out myself.

Comment below to  tell me which one of these looks you liked the most.

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Keratin Hair Mask

Hey everyone! To continue with all the feel goods stuff I have also been doing this really cool hair mask. It’s the Naat Brazilian Keratin hair mask. I do this once a month and it’s pretty amazing. It makes my hair feel so clean and beautiful!

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After washing your hair you put this mask on and let it set for 15 minutes, and then wash it all out. I put a oil on it afterwards and let that set for about five minutes. There you have it! beautiful deep conditioned hair.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Hey everyone! these past few weeks I have really been taking care of myself. I have been investing in products that make me feel my very best and that are good for me. I recently bought a Dead Sea mud mask off of Amazon about a month ago.

I do this mask once a week because this is powerful stuff and I don’t want to over do it. Plus it is a little pricy and I want to make it last. When I do the mask I make it into a relaxing ritual. First I open the jar and smooth the mask all over my face (avoiding my eyes, hair and mouth) with my hands. The mask is a beautiful blueish grey and as I rub it onto my skin I notice it has a wonderful feel to it. It does not feel cold, but cool and soothing. Then I relax on my bed or couch and have my Echo Dot play Spa music to relax me. I have 20 minutes to myself, so I daydream and contemplate little things in my head. I hear exotic music and the sound of water trickling down into a pool of beautiful lotus flowers. It is almost hypnotizing.  I am gracefully reminded that my 2o minutes are up and it is time to wash off the mask. I feel my face after the mask is all off and its like touching silk, it feels so soft. I look forward to my mask days.

Mask Benefits >click the link to read about the health benefits of Dead Sea Mud Masks


My Baking Experience


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Hey guys! So today I want to tell you about something new I have finally been doing lately and that is of course Baking. I honestly did not think it would make a huge difference in my life, but it has!


  • Taking translucent powder and putting a heavy amount in desired places; such as under eyes (so your concealer does not crease), jaw line, nose, chin really any where you want to look lighter instead of darker. Then you wait for about 1-5 min. while the powder is raising the temperature of the skin so it basically becomes bullet proof. Your concealer/foundation will not move all day. Leaving you with flawless makeup!

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  • translucent setting powder ( Kat Von D, Laura Mercier, Bare Minerals etc.)
  • Beauty blender-to apply the powder
  • a fluffy powder brush- to wipe away the access powder

I have the Kat Von D one because you get more powder than the other brands for a reasonable price and all of her stuff is amazing and have never had a problem with any of it. This technique has made my contour look so much better. It made my face look for chiseled, which I love!

Let me know what you use and how it works for you. I would also like to know here you put yours. I just do my under eyes and jawline.






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Hey Lovlies! So my last post was about my love/hate relationship with my Beauty Blender. Today I think I may have a solution! I was watching the newest You Tube Video by Carli Bybel and I was amazed at how she applied her foundation and concealer. She applied it with her fingers!

In this video she talks about this new way of applying her foundation and concealer. She used her fingers to smooth out the foundation and used patting motions for the concealer. I have to say that this morning, before I watched this video, I applied my concealer with my fingers using a patting motion and it turned out fabulous! I couldn’t ask for better coverage! in the video she uses a Beauty Blender to help blend in the foundation a little more smoothly and that was it.

Using the Beauty Blender this way helps it from deteriorating faster.

You guys be the judge, does her face look good?

Would you try this method?

Does it work for you?


Beauty Blenders Overrated?

Hey everyone! So I am blogging today about my love/hate relationship with my beauty blender.They are so expensive for something that needs to be replaced multiple times a year. These babies run from about $20-25. They recommend you clean them after almost every time you use it so it won’t deteriorate. WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?

I would like something that does not cost an arm and a leg to use and applies well to the skin. Also does not deteriorate itself when you use it. 

I haven’t used a beauty blender for a while because I don’t want to buy another one I will just have to replace soon anyway even when I wash it. I have been using a concealer brush to apply concealer… but it’s not the same! ☹️ I hope they find an alternative or BB lowers their price. 

Dove Body Wash

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Hey everyone! So I have actually switched up my body wash routine since I cannot get enough sugar scrubs in my life. I had been using the St. Ives body wash for a few months and just got tired of using it. I was at the drug store looking at the other body washes and remembered how my boyfriend swears by the Dove body wash. So I thought I would give it a try and picked the Winter Care one to use. (It smelled awesome).


  1. I Love washing with it
  2. It makes my skin so silky smooth
  3. It leaves my shower (and me) smelling fantastic

Everything about this body wash feels so right!!! So if you are looking to switch up your body wash routine give the Dove a try and let me know what you think!

SLAYING looks this Christmas



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Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

I believe half the fun of the holidays are getting ready for them. From picking out the right clothes to look cute in for pictures to having your makeup SLAY!

To help you with your Christmas looks this year, here are a few videos to start your creative minds

By Zabrena

For my Dark Beauties who like to rock a dark sultry look this year

By Amy’s Makeup Box

Something Glittery, Simple, and a Wing

By Denitslava makeup

I hope you all enjoyed! Let me know what inspires you this Christmas