The Secret: Setting Spray!



Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you this new trick that I learned to make your glittery thick shadow be poppin and stay on for like ever….


So all you do is spray your brush with setting spray and then dip that brush in your desired shadow and pat it on. I tried it today and it worked like a charm. 

So try it and let me know what you think.

Did it work for you?


Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation from Lancôme 



Hello everyone! I want to share with you this wonderful foundation that I have been using for the past month. The Teint Idole from Lancôme. 

Before I went to for my training for Lancôme, my manager gave me a goodie bad with free samples from Lancôme to take with me. One being a sample of this foundation. I already had it in my head that I wasn’t going to use it cause I already had my Sephora foundation. I tried it out and… I fell in love with this foundation!


  • It glides in your face like it was butter. Such a smooth foundation and light weight. Does not feel like your wearing a mask. 
  • It is moderate to full coverage, meaning you can wear as little or as much of it as you like.
  • It is very blendable and easily complements your natural skin tone.
  • I recommend this foundation to most of my clients and it is the one we mostly have in stock because it is so popular.
  • It has an SPF of 15 to protect your skin.

So if you are looking for a great new foundation for the summer months I HIGHLY recommend this one! 




Hello everyone! I have been watching YouTube and so many people have been trying out this new Korean beauty trend called Jamsu (meaning: to submerge or dive). So if you have never heard of this it is where you have your full face of makeup on and you heavily powder your face with baby powder and them submerge your entire face in ice cold water for about 3 min.

Zabrena tried out this trend for herself and she was impressed with her face by the end of the day. Her face still looked matte and beautiful. If you have never watched her before you wouldn’t know how big of a deal this is for her. She lives in Florida and has pretty oily skin. In this video she even went to a cardio class and her face still looked flawless.

Is it something worth trying? Let me know what you think and comment

P.S. if you are planning on trying this out Zabrena recommends you do it naked… for obvious reasons. lol

Advanced Genifique

Hello everyone! I am proud to say that I have been working as a beauty advisor for Lancôme and I have very much enjoyed it! I love talking to different people about something I love and care about. 

I must tell you about one of the first products I have fallen in love with and cannot live without. It’s the Advanced Genifique. I am OBSESSED with this stuff. I put it on every morning after my shower. 


  • It makes your skin feel softer
  • Your skin looks more radiant

In just 7 days of using it you will see a Big difference in your skin. It is for all skin types, so anyone can use this! The product comes in a bottle with a dispenser that automatically gives you the perfect amount every time. You only need one dropper full. 

( I am not paid by Lancôme to do posts like this. I just want to share with you the products I come across with every day and products I use and believe in.)

If you have given this a try let me know what you think in the comments. 

Lancôme Rose Highlighter


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No one really knows this about me, but I work at a retail job at Belk. If you live up north and in the west you probably haven’t really heard of Belk. Its like Macey’s its a high end store like that. We sell Lancôme and I am hopefully about to be trained to do the makeup for Lancôme.


Image result for images of lancome rose highlighter

The new rose highlighter is sculpted into a beautiful rose! I hope that I will be working with this. I almost wouldn’t want to work with it because it is so beautiful!

If you want to get your hands on this rose highlighter go to the nearest place near you that sells Lancôme or go online!


Dreams coming True! 

Hello everyone! I have exciting news to tell. I have just recently accepted to work for Lancôme at the department store I have been working in over the holidays. I am very excited to be starting something new! I have grown a passion for makeup for about 2 years now and when I finally got out of college I wanted to do something with it in a career. I hope to go far in this industry and prove my worth.

I also have to thank God for always being there for me and having my back when I have lost hope in myself. I know I am on a good path and I am going to do great things! 

I think I might be blogging about the skin care and makeup Lancôme provides because I believe in it 100% and I want the younger generation to know more about Lancome and try out the products for themselves as well. People seem to believe it is only for the middle aged women but it’s not! It helps you take better of your skin, so you won’t have as many problems with it later on in life. 

Sexy looks for this Valentines Day


Hey everyone! I cannot believe that Valentines day is just around the corner! I am so excited about all the boxes of chocolates I’m going to devour! Yummmmm!!!! The second best think about Valentines day is of course looking hot for your significant other. So I have found two makeup tutorials for you guys to gather inspiration from!


This tutorial is by Jaclyn Hill. I love the simplicity of this look. It says ” I look sexy without even trying” It almost looks like Old Hollywood glam but without all the dark colors that typically go into that look.


this tutorial is by Nikki.

If you and your loved one…. or friends are doing to see this movie for your Valentines date look no further than this tutorial right here. it has everything you could possibly have to go on your date to see this movie…. Gray and silver magicness!!! I am in love with this beautiful look she did! I may even try it out myself.

Comment below to  tell me which one of these looks you liked the most.

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Image result for images of fifty shades darker

Keratin Hair Mask

Hey everyone! To continue with all the feel goods stuff I have also been doing this really cool hair mask. It’s the Naat Brazilian Keratin hair mask. I do this once a month and it’s pretty amazing. It makes my hair feel so clean and beautiful!

Image result for images of naat brazilian keratin hair mask

After washing your hair you put this mask on and let it set for 15 minutes, and then wash it all out. I put a oil on it afterwards and let that set for about five minutes. There you have it! beautiful deep conditioned hair.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Hey everyone! these past few weeks I have really been taking care of myself. I have been investing in products that make me feel my very best and that are good for me. I recently bought a Dead Sea mud mask off of Amazon about a month ago.

I do this mask once a week because this is powerful stuff and I don’t want to over do it. Plus it is a little pricy and I want to make it last. When I do the mask I make it into a relaxing ritual. First I open the jar and smooth the mask all over my face (avoiding my eyes, hair and mouth) with my hands. The mask is a beautiful blueish grey and as I rub it onto my skin I notice it has a wonderful feel to it. It does not feel cold, but cool and soothing. Then I relax on my bed or couch and have my Echo Dot play Spa music to relax me. I have 20 minutes to myself, so I daydream and contemplate little things in my head. I hear exotic music and the sound of water trickling down into a pool of beautiful lotus flowers. It is almost hypnotizing.  I am gracefully reminded that my 2o minutes are up and it is time to wash off the mask. I feel my face after the mask is all off and its like touching silk, it feels so soft. I look forward to my mask days.

Mask Benefits >click the link to read about the health benefits of Dead Sea Mud Masks