Your Makeup Artist

My Policy

I am just starting out as an armature makeup artist. I would like to take some classes or maybe even go to school for it some day. But for now if you like in the east Tennessee area and would like for me to do your makeup please contact me at Here is my service to you:

  • I will come to your house to do your makeup
  • I will use my cleaned and sanitized brushes
  • I will use the foundation you already have. If you do not own foundation for yourself I would be happy to make suggestions for you depending on budget. I will also use new eyeliner and mascara or use ones you already own.
  • I have different packages for the makeup choices of my clients. They range from a more natural look to full glam.
  • I like to meet my clients before the makeup appointment, so I can get to know them a bit more and get a sense of what they are wanting from me as their makeup artist. I take everything into consideration when it comes to my client. their hair color, skin color, eye color, eye shape and face shape.






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