Mr. Big mascara from Lanc么me聽

Hey everyone! I am sure you have heard by now about Monsieur Big Mascara from Lanc么me! Needless to say we are all super proud of this Mascara and so are the people to try it! 

I personally cannot get enough of this mascara! I love the application because it is so smooth going on. It has palm and jojoba oils that make it look and feel gel like. I feel like it helps my lashes curl and stay curled up and lifted! I would recommend it to anyone! 

I know not everyone is going to like it. Some people just don’t like big volumous lashes and can’t find use for a big brush. And that’s ok. 

But for those who do here is what would potentially look like if you used it. 

  • Get it at any Lanc么me counter or online! If you want to try it out first we have samples for you to try.
  • The mascara comes in 2 sizes. The big size for $25 and the travel for just $12. 



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Hey everyone! I have to tell you about our newest cleanser out! It’s called Meil-en-Mousse. Meil is French for Honey 馃嵂. This cleanser has Acacia honey in it and it smells wonderful! 

It melts away makeup and impurities for a fresh face. Your skin will feel so fresh, clean, and smooth! 

How to Use Properly

  • Dampen face with water
  • Apply product onto hands and rub together
  • Massage into skin. You will feel the product heat up a little as you massage it into she skin
  • Rinse off with warm water
  • Follow with toner, serum, and moisturizer

Marc Jacobs Finishing and Setting Spray Review


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I have recently bought this setting/finishing spray, and I have to say I am a little disappointed! It does not perform to the quality I was hoping for and also paid for. With a prostegious name such as Marc Jacobs, one might expect high quality from the product and nothing seemingly faulty. 

The reason why I do not like this spray is because it does not spray evenly. It does not have a good sprayer on it at all! I had exchanged these bottles twice in hopes that ones performance would outperform the other. Alas I got the same result. 鈽癸笍

I will say, I like that it smells like coconuts and the spray itself does not make my makeup run like the Urban Decay setting spray. I don’t think I will buy it again. I will use it till it is empty. I really wanted to love this product. 

If you bought this let me know what you think of it in the comments! 

Duel Finish Highlighters from Lanc么me聽

Hey everyone! I am excited to tell you that Lanc么me has very promising new highlighters out, in 5 shades. 


Here they are swatched on my arm. They are so pigmented all you need is a little bit. We are so proud of these highlighters! 

They are available NOW! At your nearest Department store, Ulta, or Sephora. Try them out today and let me know in the comments what you think.

ABH vs. Benefit: Brow Pencils



Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a good holiday! I know I did. I had a chance to try out a new brow pencil over the week, since my Anastasia one had run out I thought I would try something that Huda Beauty said she loved and couldn’t live without on her Snapchat. The Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil by Benefit.

Image result for images of benefit brow pencils

I have to say that I am in love with the Benefit brow pencil

  • The formula is so smooth
  • Applying it takes no time at all (faster than my ABH brow wiz)
  • It’s the perfect color
  • The tips are different shapes so you don’t have to guess which ones is the pencil or the spooley

It is $2 more than the ABH but I get better quality and faster service for my brows. I happily paid that and would do so again.

Let me know what you think about the Benefit or the ABH brow pencils

The Importance of Moisturizers

Image result for images of lancome moisturizers

If you are like me skincare is pretty new to you. Yes you grow up hearing some stuff here and there about it but you don’t actually do anything about it… until you work for a cosmetic company that specializes in skincare, fragrance, and makeup. I have learned so much about skincare, that now my mornings and nights do not feel complete until I do my skincare routine.

Moisturizers are for EVERYONE

Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin all can benefit from a good moisturizer. Take me for example. I have normal to combination skin which means that I am dry in some areas and also oily in others. I said to myself ‘I don’t need a moisturizer for my skin I am oily and it will just make me even more oily.’ WRONG!!!! My morning and night moisturizers helped balance my skin. I am not oily anymore and my dry forehead is not dry. It now has the perfect balance.

Pick the Right Moisturizer for You

If you are pretty oily and it is summer time you Do Not need to go for a heavy moisturizer. Ask your beauty advisor for a perfect match for you. I would suggest a light moisturizer or even a gel mask for night time.

For my dry people, you are going to need a medium to heavy moisturizer and might have to go heavier during the winter.

Combination skin: light to medium in the summer and go a little heavier in the winter for the places you get dried out the most.

Mulit-Beneifical Moisturizers

Get one with an SPF to protect from the harmful sun rays this summer! If aging is a concern for you get one with anti-aging properties in it. There are so many options to choose from, what will you choose?


Sonic Brush System from Clinique



Hey everyone! I am so happy to be finally blogging today! Work has been crazy but I am learning a lot and having a good time.

For those of you who know, I work for Lanc么me. But I work closely with the Clinique Counter and Estee Lauder. If they have good products that I love I want to share them with you guys even though they are my competition…. so is everyone in the cosmetic and skincare industry. anyways…

I saw that they had this sonic brush and really wanted to try it, to really get deep into my聽pores and cleanse my face. I was beyond excited to use it when I got home from work. I had my full face of makeup on and had washed all of it off with my聽Bi-facils makeup remover ( that聽gets聽off waterproof makeup, stains on the floor and聽clothing). Then it was聽time to cleanse. I聽put the聽facial soap on the brush, turned it on and brushed my face with it. I COULD聽NOT BELIEVE the extra makeup and dirt it聽got out of my skin! I was super impressed with聽the sonic brush I want to get it for my boyfriend for聽Christmas!


  • This brush is $80. But they have deals where they are half off. Just look for the deals. Or get a card from the department store you can save 20% on the brush as well.聽Or wait till you have a lot of reward dollars saved up.


  • The brush is electric. It comes with a charging stand to set it on.



In my personal opinion this brush is worth having. You have a clean smooth face at the end, complements on your complexion, and聽less skin problems.

Matte Shakers from Lanc么me聽


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Hey everyone! I am so glad to be sharing this with you today. Lanc么me sent me our new Matte Shakers in the color Power Pink. Which is a fusia color. It is soooo pretty!!! We have tons of colors out for the spring and summer. 

I tried it on today and here is what I learned 

  • They have beautiful vibrant color
  • They go on smoothly and dry pretty fast
  • They stay on! But if you are eating you will have to reapply. But when I had it on I felt like nothing was on my lips until I looked in the mirror and saw my beautiful pink lips. 
  • I love them and want more!!!
  • They don’t have a smell… unlike our Juicy Shakers that actually have scents to them. 

Let me know what you think of them! 

Tarte: Shape Tape Concealer

Hey everyone! I recently went to Ulta because I wanted to put the new Tarte concealer to the test. Everyone I have watched absolutely loved the concealer, and so I wanted to try it. 

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS CONCEALER! It is literally the best concealer I have Ever tried!

Why I love it

  • It is made with natural ingredients 
  • It doesn’t smell chemicaly
  • The applicator is very large for perfect application 

I challenge you to try this out for yourselves! Let me know what you think!

Training for Lanc么me: A True Story (not a fairytale)


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The great thing about Lanc么me is that I never expected to be sent off for training and be spoiled to death while I was there. Lol 

When I got the job for Lanc么me I was told by the person that interviewed me that I would be flying to either Texas, New York, or Florida. The 3 day business trip would be all expense paid. The hotel I would be staying at had a restaurant and so we got a voucher for our dinner meals. I didn’t have to spend a dime on this trip if I didn’t want to… but I did. I got my own room with a big screen TV. It was a very pretty spacious room. Loved it!

I ended up going to Florida for three days for my training. The classes here from 8-5.Breakfast, Lunch, and Desserts were served during our class times. (The food was amazing!!!) we had free time after class to do whatever we wanted. I made friends and hung out with them mostly after class. We went to the beach and shopping. 


  • The brand Lanc么me 
  • Fragrance
  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Special techniques we do for our clients
  • Dress code
  • Selling

I had a very good time learning with these people. The teacher made it fun and exciting to learn this stuff.

The best part was…. GRATTIS!!!! I got a medium bottle of Genifique, La Vie Est Belle (our #1 selling fragrance) mascara, really awesome training books, a toate bag, roses. 

It was amazing and I loved every minute of it. I am glad I work for a company who spoiled me and wanted me to learn in a memorable way. I am loving what I do so far and hoping to move up in this company.